NAA – One-stop, Nationwide Sourcing for REO Advisory Services

Are you an experienced real estate buyer?  Are you the owner of a large portfolio of residential REO property?  Do you have REO assets in your portfolio for which you have been unable to dispose through conventional means?  Are you spending too much time managing your assets, and too little time adding assets to your portfolio?

As an experienced real estate owner, you know that REO real estate is a management-intensive operation.  If you are being overwhelmed by the day-to-day management burden of your portfolio, think about these questions:  Why did you purchase residential REO properties in the first place?  Are you buying because you really like the process? Or, are you buying because you want to put your money to use making more money? Like most accomplished real estate buyers, you want to be making more money. If this describes you, turn your asset management problems over to the professionals and get back to doing what you do best, uncovering new opportunities and acquiring more assets.

National Asset Advisors offers a complete solution to nationwide REO Portfolio management, marketing, and dispositions.  Our asset advisory system works to maximize portfolio revenue, and generate an ongoing revenue stream for our clients, while relieving them of daily operational burdens.

If you now own, or are considering acquiring, residential REO properties, please take a few moments to review the REO portfolio management and advisory services detailed on this site. For a confidential review of services that NAA can provide to help you maximize your portfolio revenue and minimize the time you spend on management concerns, please contact us at (803) 798-0092, or